For Rising Seniors

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Confused on what to do, when to do it, and how to do it? Well, you rolled into the right station, because for the past fifteen years we have streamlined and perfected the college application process. By ‘perfected’ we mean that we understand how to help each student put his or her best self forward to increase confidence and college options, not to mention overall teenage happiness.

So whether you are looking to finalize your college list, start your college essays, or complete your application before school starts in the fall, we have the expert staff and resources to get it done at the highest level with the least stress, all at a very affordable rate. Workshops are limited in number and high in demand, therefore RSVP’s are absolutely required.

Call 310 376-0135 to reserve a space or have your questions answered!

(Please see page bottom for workshop pricing.)


Personal Statements – Part 1:

How to get past that darn blank page. Taught by professional writers, this workshop will focus not only on what admission officers look for but also on the Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 9.05.24 AMwriting process itself. Creative free-writes, guided discussion, and step-by-step deconstruction of former Blue Trainer scholarship-winning essays. By the end of the workshop, you will not only know what you are going to write about but also how you are going to shape and give life to your own very unique story. Come clueless, leave empowered. Dates  – TBA

Personal Statements – Part 2:

Now it’s time to roll up your sleeves! This workshop is the practical application of how the steps outlined in part one to crush the college essay. Students will be guided through generating their first rough drafts and then work one-on-one with professional writers to get immediate feedback. By the time you walk out of this workshop, you’ll have the foundation of a draft and clear steps towards the perfect essay. Dates  – TBA

Essay Mini Sessions:

Less workshop than one-on-one attention, these mini sessions are open only to students who have already attended the  Personal Statement workshop. These thirty minute boosters are intended to help students keep their writing process flowing with structural and editing advice from one of our essay specialists. Come in with a full rough draft or just some free-writes and a lost look on your face and we will get you to the next step. Essay mini sessions are 30 minutes for $35. To keep things orderly, we please ask that you sign up AFTER you have attended the Personal Statement workshop. (For those students seeking longer, more personalized attention, feel free to contact us regarding in home sessions.) Dates  – TBA


College List Building:

Not sure which schools you’re applying to? Or which ones you will get into? Need more places to consider? Then this workshop is for you! An exciting bluelistcombination of counselor-led discussions, college student guests, and list assessment by Blue Train staff, this workshop will help any student struggling to complete and polish his or her list. Dates  – TBA

College List Proofing Mini Sessions:

Our sincere apologies to the general public, but these mini sessions are open ONLY to Blue Train students. In a one-on-one thirty minute session, a specialist will review your evolving college list, chat with you and help determine if/where your list is unbalanced. After listening to your thoughts and feelings, we will often make suggestions for additional schools to research in hopes of finding that balance. Also, if scholarships are your priority, we can help shape and sharpen your list to greener pastures. As always we focus on fit first and will do our best to help you find more options with a healthy and balanced perspective, all to give you more confidence heading into application season. College List Proofing mini sessions are $60 for 30 minutes, with time slots booked in advance on a first come, first serve basis beginning on 6/1. Dates – TBA


Common Application:

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 11.34.49 AMBring your laptop and get ‘er done. We’re talking about your Common App (the main application used by over 400 colleges and universities.) This extremely experienced guided tour will take you through the entire application– scholarships, majors, special situations, transcripts, extracurriculars, etc– so you can leave the workshop with everything pristine and complete except for the Personal Statement. Most productive four hours of your summer. Dates  – TBA

UC Application:

Laptops required as this workshop will help students real-time navigate the sometimes confusing mega-application for all UC schools. Whether you are uncertain about impacted majors, schools within colleges, scholarship opportunities, etc… have no worries, because we know every twist and turn, having taught this workshop since the UC’s first went online with their app. By workshop’s end you will have all your UC applications completed, except for the Personal Statement. Dates  – TBA


The Admissions Interview:

After sending hundreds of students off to interviews at colleges and universities around the nation, we’ve learned a thing or two about the interview process. We understand what these formal or informal meet-ups mean, how they are conducted and, most importantly, how to help you put your best foot forward in the you-est way possible. So, if you are planning to interview in the fall, why not come in for tips on how to express yourself in a way that will make the colleges want to open that trap door in the floor and keep you forever.  A mix of counselor-led group discussions and mock one-on-one practice, this workshop will take away the jitters and leave you feeling confident and relaxed. Dates – TBA

 Simply call or email to sign up. Limited space, first come first serve.


* Single Workshop: $179 for non Blue Trainers, $99 for Blue Trainers.

* Three Workshop Bundle: $449 for non Blue Trainers. (These will sell out.)

* Premium College Prep Packages include 4 workshops; Express Packages include 1 workshop.

*** Essay and college proofing mini-sessions are NOT considered workshops.